Saturday, May 31, 2014

Technology Help

On Saturdays in June from 12:00- 2:00p.m student Chloe Cataya will offer assistance with technology. Bring your laptop, cell phones, Ipad and Kindles or use a computer in our lab.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fall Session 2014 Exercise Schedule

We will begin registering for the fall classes on August 12th.  Below is a list of the classes that are offered.  We will be posting the dates, number of weeks and the prices at that time.  Forms will also be available at 55 Kip Center at that time and at the Labor Day Street Fair.

ALL two days a week classes are $64 for the 16 week session except  where noted.*
All once a week classes are $32 for the 16 week sessions except where noted.*
Day Classes
Aerobics (9:00am) Tu/Thu
Aerobics (10:00am) Tu/Th
Chair Aerobics (11:00am) Tu/Thu
Arthritis Fdn. Exercise (1:00pm) Tu/Thu
Body Strengthening
           9:00am W/F
           10:30am W/F
           1x/wk (12:30pm)Fri. ONLY
           Floor Exercise W/F - 1/2 HR.- 10:00am  ****Cost is $32
Dancercise (11:30am) Fri
Ballroom/Line Dancing 11:30am Wednesday
Men's Fitness 2:00pm Tu/Thu
T'ai Chi Chih (12:30pm) Wed.
Tap (2:30) Wed.
Yoga Class Days 1x/wk Wednesday 1:30pm
               Fri 1x/wk 1:30pm
Art Class
     One Stroke Level 1 (12:00) Wed.****$48 for  16 wks. session

Computer Class (3 weeks course) Check with office on dates

 EVENING CLASSES   The cost of evening classes is $80 per 16 week session
Tuesday Pilates 1x/wk Tues (6:00pm)
Yoga 1x/wk Tues (7:00pm) and
Yoga 1x/wk Thurs. (7:00pm)
Wednesday Latin Dancercise 1x/wk Wed (6:00pm)
Thursday Body Streng. 1x/wk Thurs. (6:00pm)
Wednesday Art 1x/wk Wednesday (6:00pm) **** cost is $48 for 16 wk session

Programs at No Charge
Alzheimer Support
Blood Pressure Screening
Book Discussion
Bridge Club
Canasta & Rummikub
Creative Writing
Current Events
Knitting/Crocheting Club
Quilting Club